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Flue Space Labels

ASG Services produce flue space labels for use on warehouse racking as well as most other custom warehouse labels for use in the logistics and distribution industry.

What is a Flue Space?

A ‘flue’ is a duct or enclosed channel which is used for smoke and waste gases produced by a fire, to move away from the source and vent.

A ‘flue space’ in racking is not enclosed, however it is a channel created by items placed on racks which enables the hot gases move vertically instead of it remaining low and traveling horizontally. This helps prevent spread, encouraging confinement to an area.

As a result, the suppression system, typically sprinklers, can extinguish the fire in its locality or confine it until emergency services arrive.

Why use Flue Space Labels? There are alternatives.

You may choose physical devises which attach to rack structures and force the creation of a flue however, until your teams are comfortable with the new requirement and spacings, the real operational impact could be severe with damaged pallets, etc.

The cost-effective method is to use a label and look at a more physical option later.
In several states, it is required by regulators that a ‘Keep Clear’ label is applied and visible regardless.

Which design?

The requirement is for a yellow label with red characters, however where the racking is a light color, the colors can be inverted, so the label background becomes red with yellow writing.

The design is very simple with text, but additional information can be added such as dimension bars to help demonstrate distance. They can also be short to sit beneath wire decking or extended, appearing to wrap around the beam.

Incorporating other information on a larger label also helps reduce installation time of rack safety labels.

What sizes?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (https://www.nfpa.org/) stipulates that a 6” clearance between loads and 3” between upright frames and loads is required where storage is greater that 25ft.

We stock as standard, 1.5″, 3” and 6” wide labels which are available in a range of heights depending on your preference. If you want something custom, ASG Services can design to suit, as well as incorporating additional rack safety information.

Rack Flue Labels


This flue label is designed to incorporate the flue space indicator and a rack load capacity information.

Flue Space Labels

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