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Warehouse Label Designs

Warehouse barcode labels are created and used for a range of purposes and ASG Services are a leading manufacturer specializing in customized designs to suit each customer’s individual need.

Multi Split Rack Label


Warehouse labels are used as rack labels, floor labels, shelf labels, pallet labels and product labeling.  The majority of warehouse label designs, created by ASG Services are equipped with barcodes, the most common barcode symbology is Code 128 (high-density) and Code 39 (variable length, discrete) owing to their alphanumeric encoding properties.

Adhesive Floor Label
The construction of warehouse barcode labels is determined by their use.  ASG Services offer varying levels of durability, but with durability comes cost, so we recommend the most suitable durability to suit the need, ensuring costs of controlled.

The warehouse label designs created at ASG are also differentiated by their use.  Some are needed to present multi level location references on racking, others are specific to a pallet location or product, while some are unique to a floor location or zone, or need check digit detail.

Rack Label Names

ASG Services are able to utilize a huge archive of previous designs as recommendations, then fine tune those selected as per the customer’s need.  Our design teams are also able to match customers existing designs exactly, thanks to the latest design software.

Multi Level Rack Label

To find out more or to ask advice about your warehouse label designs and ideas, speak with one of our specialists at our head office, outside Atlanta, GA.

Multi Level Rack Frame Label


From the team:

ASG Services Person

Hi, I’m a Production Coordinator here at ASG Services, it’s a great place to work, we have an amazing staff that is committed to delivering a quality product to our customers which I believe is what sets us apart from other companies in the market.


My daily tasks consist of reviewing orders placed by customers, designing the desired labeling or sign products, either custom designs, or something from our website. I adapt and fine-tune it and once approved the design is sent to our production.


I bridge communication between the sales and production team. My goal is to make sure the customer needs are met in order to operate their warehouses efficiently and effectively.


We enjoy the benefits of knowing our customers are getting a great service and product.

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Floor Labels Floor Labels

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Label Holders Label Holders

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Floor Label Windows Floor Label Windows

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LPN Labels LPN Labels

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Max Load Labels Max Load Labels

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Upright Location Labels Upright Location Labels

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Warehouse Labels Warehouse Labels

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Frequently asked questions
  • What designs can you create?

    We are not a graphic design studio but we are capable of designing any label layout required. Variable content data and multi field options are possible, our only restriction on the number of barcodes and characters is the size of label you request. We will always suggest a size which best suits your requirements.

  • Is color more expensive?

    Yes, simply because the raw materials we need to create color labels are more expensive, however once an order is over a certain size, the extra cost becomes negligible.

  • Why use color?

    It is true that location labels do not need color to work, but we recommend color to help the users identify key location information quicker. Color is know to improve speed of identification, to read more visit our warehouse color coding article.

    Color identification may be used as a level indicator on racking where each level in a rack bay has a unique color, so as the operative looks up, they can distinguish the level quickly and shorten their reading time.  It can also be used as a zone identifier particularly with bulk storage floor locations, aisle groups in racking and shelving is another.

    Another well represented use of color is with warehouse striping for staging lanes, bulk storage bays and walkways.  See our warehouse striping page for more information.

    Some customers use it for aesthetics for their in-house branding.

  • Which barcode is best?

    The barcode you choose to use is dependent on your location or product reference data requirements.

    Although we are able to produce almost any barcode type you require, Code 128 is by far the most requested by the storage and logistics industry. This is impart due to the range of characters which can be used (128), being all digits, characters and punctuation and because of its data to size percentage, lots of data can be stored in this narrow width barcode.

    Code 39 is the next most popular, which is less useful in terms of characters it can encode, but it is great for its simplicity and ease of scanning capabilities. This is often used with operations handling product specific references and a need to work quickly.

    More recently we have been asked for DataMatrix and QR Codes which can contain huge amounts of data compared to linear barcodes.

  • Can I have check digits?

    Yes, these are a common request from our customers looking for pick accuracy improvements.

  • What are check digits?

    They are ‘digits’ to be double ‘checked’ against the warehouse management system (WMS) records. Once the operative has arrived at the pallet or shelf location, they are asked by the system to provide the ‘check-digit’ information which ensures it matches that on the pick sheet or terminal. If their is a match, it is further confirmation they have found the correct location or product and they are able to proceed with the item pick.  If it is a failed match, the operative is prevented from completing the pick task, and so knows to look again for the correct storage location.

    Check digits are often provided by the warehouse management system, as randomized characters forming an addition to the location code. Most barcodes include a check digit within the symbology, calculated by other characters which form that barcode. In a storage environment, the check digit is typically a separate feature.

    Below, you can see the user check digit presented as characters with a black background on a warehouse rack label and a barcode location sign. The operator reads the location reference, scans the barcode and enters the check digit.

    Check Digit on Warehouse Label Check Digit on Warehouse Sign

  • I have a design already, can you copy it?

    Yes, if we have a sample or measurements and a good image we can copy your label almost exactly.

  • Why does label material matter?

    Put simply, polyester and polyester composite label material is more durable which prevents barcode distortion during application and shrinkage over time. It also makes it much easier to remove the label, from time to time you may want to re-label your locations due to configuration changes or WMS changes, polyester and poly-composites can be removed without tearing, unlike vinyl materials.

  • What design or layout should I use?

    The options are endless, so it really comes down to the information you want or need to provide. Also the space available, your budget and how easy you want to make location identification for your team all play an important part.

    Rack Label Names

    To save time reading 2000 words on label design call us on (877) 447-9798, to discuss your situation.  We can recommend a best solution and fit for your needs.

    Visit our warehouse labeling pages for more information or our online store where you can purchase online.

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Call us on (877) 447-9798 to discuss your design ideas or to tell us what you are trying to achieve.

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ASG Services are a leading manufacturer specializing in customized designs to suit each customer’s individual need.

Cold Storage Labels Cold Storage Labels

ASG Services have worked closely with adhesive manufacturers and users of industrial freezer storage facilities to produce a unique cold store rack label which can be applied at -20oF.

Floor Labels Floor Labels

ASG Services utilize some of the most advanced machines and equipment for the production of barcode labels.

LPN Labels LPN Labels

License Plate Labels, also known as LPN labels are produced from cost effective materials and high definition print for performance.

Magnetic Rack Labels Magnetic Rack Labels

The most reusable warehouse tag available is a magnetic rack label. They can be applied at almost any temperature, removed without mess or scraping, be reapplied without peeling and makes your location numbering system as dynamic as the rest of your operation.

Metal Labels Metal Labels

Warehouse and distribution centers use metal labels when durability is the only option. Anodized aluminum and urethane coated steel are extremely hard wearing, as such they can be fixed to the floor, to totes, pallets and more.

Multi-Level Rack Labels Multi-Level Rack Labels

Multi-level rack labels are designed to contain and present information for several locations, usually in the vertical stack, and there are several names for them.

Pallet Rack Location Labels Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility.

Retro Reflective Labels Retro Reflective Labels

Retro reflective pallet rack labels used on high level rack beams are a specialist product which help facility operatives scan barcodes from the floor which can save time and access equipment needs.

Shelf Edge Labels & Tags Shelf Edge Labels & Tags

As specialist manufacturers of warehouse labels, ASG Services have developed their shelf edge labels to be hardwearing yet small enough to be applied to industrial and retail shelf edges.

Variable Image Labels Variable Image Labels

Our variable content labels are produced from high performance and durable materials for use in manufacturing, storage and distribution centers.

Weight Capacity Labels Weight Capacity Labels

Safe use of pallet racking and shelving is not limited to the careful loading of heavy items, in fact the position on the beam and how many heavy items will be on that beam is critical to the structures overall strength and integrity.

Wire Deck Rack Labels Wire Deck Rack Labels

The need for wire or mesh decks on pallet racking has changed the way rack labels are designed and used.

Visit our online store

Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase standardized products. The same technology, production and quality control methods are used, so you can be assured of their performance and durability.

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