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Metal Labels

Warehouse and distribution centers use metal barcode labels when durability is the only option. Anodized aluminum and urethane coated steel are extremely hard wearing, as such they can be fixed to the floor, to totes, pallets and more. Thanks to the durability of aluminum and steel tags, they can also be reused. Supplied with adhesive backing and/or drilled, these are a popular choice with facilities management teams.

Photographic sub surface imagery makes it possible for aluminum barcodes to be designed with any type of image. Anodized aluminum tags are typically supplied with barcodes and alpha, numeric and alphanumeric content. We offer a range of standard sizes, as floor tags, the most common size is 6” x 4” but most orders are tailor designed to suite the customer needs.


Metal Labels


Metal tags are created with almost any bar code symbology needed, including linear, 2 dimensional and stacked. Although ASG Services concentrate on warehouse and distribution centers, we understand that our products can be used across industries and that bar code symbology alters per industries. For example, metallic barcodes are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, each using their own preferred sets.

All products are supplied as individual items, however they are packaged in a way which maintains the reference file sequence.


Aluminum Barcode Labels


Metal Barcode Labels


Aluminum barcode labels

Produced with a photographic sub surface image, generally to the following specifications:

  • Material: Anodized aluminum with photographic sub-surface image.
  • Colors: Typically black on natural (aluminum gray).
  • Artwork: Alpha, numeric, alphanumeric and barcodes.
  • Data: Variable.


Steel tags

Generally fixed to the floor with 2 part epoxy systems or fixed within a floor label frame. Steel tags are not supplied with an adhesive backing.

  • Thickness: .034”
  • Material: Steel with rugged urethane coatings.
  • Colors: Black on white barcode with colored characters.
  • Artwork: Alpha, numeric, alphanumeric and barcodes.
  • Data: Variable


Adhesive Asset Labels Thin Metal Labels Durable Metal Barcodes


Installation services

ASG Services offer several rack label installation methods. Along with our striping division, we also have specialized equipment for the application of the embedded floor label solution, which sit within a recess, held in place with an epoxy resin system.

All installation team members are fully trained and insured to work with all of our equipment on any customer site. They perform metal barcode label installation services throughout the US. Customers can be confident that they’re receiving the best products from the best providers.

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