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MHEFI Scholarship

As the Material Handling Institute (MHI) passed its 75th year, its Material Handling Education Foundation (MHEFI) continues to provide financial support for educational programs, engaging and helping retain talent for the material handling industry.

Thanks to funding made available through donors and industry sponsorship, the judges identify recipients for the new academic term, from a range of non-profit colleges and universities.

Among the industry leading sponsors is ASG Services, the warehouse identification and marking specialists.  ASG Services have sponsored the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) Honor Scholarship for over 10 years thanks to a special agreement with RMI members.  For every rack load sign purchased, ASG Services donate a percentage of the price to the RMI.

Read the RMIs article, which offers more insight into how ASG Services and others support the MHEFI…

RMI Scholarships Support The Future Of Rack Design, Use.





Material Handling Institute



RMI Signs

RMI Signs is a member only area of ASG Services ecommerce website (asgonlinestore.com) created in 2007 with several updates and iterations over the years.  Its developed exclusively for RMI members, giving access to the RMI approved load sign designs and the use of their unique R-Mark Certification logos, enabling them to place orders online for their rack sales and installations.

ASG Services, have a special agreement where for every sign ordered through the site, a percentage of the revenue generated is donated to the institute to help fund their many worthwhile activities and for the drive of safe working environments.

In 2019, ASG changed their scope to include any product purchased through www.rmisigns.com, meaning the more members purchased, the more ASG could give to the Rack Manufacturers Institute.

The signs are made up of approved messages to improve safe usage and loading of pallet racking, while a depiction or description provides very specific information for the structures.  RMI members can add their logos and company details making it easier for customers to contact them with questions as well as the coveted R-Marks for quality assurance.

ASG’s work as continued in production developments with improved quality and durability while also making the signs easier to install.  Their work on the site is also ongoing with an update expected in late 2020.

If you have questions about the site or would like help with your account, please contact us on +1 (770) 447-9498.

Rack Load Signs


Rack Manufacturers Institute


For more information:

The Material Handling Education Foundation – contact Donna Varner at dvarner@mhi.org or (704) 676-1190.

RMISigns.com and ASG Services – contact David Grundy on +1 (770) 447-9498.


If you would like to donate to the MHEFI and help them thrive, you can do so here: https://www.mhi.org/mhefi/donors

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