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Multi-Level Rack Labels

What is a multi-level rack label?

Multi-level warehouse rack labels are designed to contain and present information for several locations, usually in the vertical stack, and there are several names for them, examples are:

  • Totem labels,
  • Tree labels,
  • Step labels,
  • Upright labels,
  • Frame labels,
  • Man down labels,
  • Vertical post labels,
  • and more besides.

The labels are typically placed on the rack beam face or frame post upright.

Roller-Bed Location Labels Rack Frame Label Totem Label


What are these rack labels made of?

Multi Level Rack Label

Durability is often an issue with the label placed on rack frames. There seems to be a desire among warehouse operatives, to make holes in the labels which destroy barcodes.  Some have moved to placing a label on a panel of plastic or metal, which is bolted, or cable tied to the frame. As well as being expensive in materials, this is also costly in installation labor. It’s also not particularly durable, easily broken and can cause a snag point leading to damaged frames.

ASG Services overcame these issues a long time ago with their plastic composite label. A puncture proof, none-tear product with a high strength adhesive backing, they are very cost effective in comparison, very quick to install and offer high definition printed barcodes for rapid scan results. Request a sample, you will be pleased.

Several adhesives are available to suit the environment, including one which can be applied at -22˚f which has been extremely popular with the food and beverage industries. It is suitable for cold stores and freezers.

View more of our rack labels here.


Why use multi-level label designs?

Multi-level rack labels have become more popular in recent years for several reasons.

  • Rack configurations are becoming higher and location labels for the upper levels have become out-of-reach for most scanners. Bringing the label to a lower level overcomes this and saves space. Information is combined in smart design configurations, often as ‘upright’ or ‘man down’ labels.
  • Controllers of capital expenditure have sought savings in all areas of facility start-up and re-configurations. The installation cost of rack labels is not immune. Where one label can be used in place of several and with savings in plant hire for high working access to boot, one multi-level rack label wins the cost efficiency battle. Dramatic savings in labor costs are achieved with all locations identified within a ‘step’ label, which are placed on lower beams.
  • Roller bed racks and shelves, drive-in, push back and other similar configurations have become more popular with those optimizing space, as such the multi-level label has emerged as the solution. With rack beams set high, or replaced with rollers, the frame then becomes the only position for a label to be attached and ‘totem’ labels are then used.


What design types are available?

Two categories of multi-level rack labels exist. Vertical and horizontal. Each have their own characteristics and can be produced with linear barcodes, 2D and linear barcodes in a diagonal configuration.

Vertical designs are given various names. Totem, tree, upright, frame, man down and vertical post labels, are all self-explanatory given the layout of information and appearance of the label. The layout follows an obvious convention of lowest at the bottom and highest at the top and ordered accordingly in between. Color is a great addition to help differentiate levels which helps reduce mis-scans.

Man-Down Location Labels

A horizontal alternative is sometimes called a step, man down or multi-level beam label. Layouts typically run from left to right with the lowest level on the left and can also be designed with the choice of barcode type, color separation, arrows and even images.

Images tend to be an option used by manufacturers in their component storage cribs.  The most recent introduction, coming by way of automation in logistics, is a horizontal multi-level shelf label. These are used on mobile shelf systems which are transported by robots to pick stations. Automation still needs identification where people are involved.

Multi Level Beam Labels


Multi-level warehouse rack label takeaway…

Customizing warehouse rack labels is what ASG does. We make multi-level rack labels in configurations that suit the customer, not how we prefer to make them, and we provide a host of peripheral services that others charge for. We are a service-based company which makes products.

Our production experts understand variable data, how to arrange that data to create complete label designs and the best order sequence for swift installation progress. Their installations run smoothly, meaning ASG can take an order from the customers desk and return it as a completed project.


This is why ASG Services is considered to be the best and why others imitate. Save your time and money by calling ASG Services on +1 (877) 447-9798. We will be more than happy to speak to you and answer the questions which help you better understand rack labels. Click here for more contact details.

Man-Down Location Labels

Frame Rack Labels


Is a rack label installation service available?

Its estimated that ASG’s installation teams have placed just over one million multi-level rack labels in the past 5 years. Their unrivaled attention to detail, speed and accuracy have created industry benchmarks which we are proud to say, has forced others to improve their offering, bringing a far more professional approach to the industry. We know customers enjoy the benefits, from repeat orders we receive.

Traveling throughout the US, our teams execute some of the largest projects known, against schedules and deadlines agreed early in the project. As one of the final activities to be carried out before a facility goes live, ASG takes its role seriously and communicates progress constantly so the customer can begin maneuvers ahead of time further gaining from their return on investment.

Click here to read more about rack labeling installations.

Rack Label Installation

Download and takeaway
Upright Location Labels Upright Location Labels

384.33 KB

Warehouse Labels Warehouse Labels

348.44 KB

ASG Installation Services ASG Installation Services

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Frequently asked questions
  • What sizes do you supply?

    All products from ASG Services are custom made. We can supply any size, color and content required. Our online store lists stock sizes, for those looking to purchase basic items.

  • What designs can you create?

    We are not a graphic design studio but we are capable of designing any label layout required. Variable content data and multi field options are possible, our only restriction on the number of barcodes and characters is the size of label you request. We will always suggest a size which best suits your requirements.

  • Is color more expensive?

    Yes, simply because the raw materials we need to create color labels are more expensive, however once an order is over a certain size, the extra cost becomes negligible.

  • Why use color?

    It is true that location labels do not need color to work, but we recommend color to help the users identify key location information quicker. Color is know to improve speed of identification, to read more visit our warehouse color coding article.

    Color identification may be used as a level indicator on racking where each level in a rack bay has a unique color, so as the operative looks up, they can distinguish the level quickly and shorten their reading time.  It can also be used as a zone identifier particularly with bulk storage floor locations, aisle groups in racking and shelving is another.

    Another well represented use of color is with warehouse striping for staging lanes, bulk storage bays and walkways.  See our warehouse striping page for more information.

    Some customers use it for aesthetics for their in-house branding.

  • I have a design already, can you copy it?

    Yes, if we have a sample or measurements and a good image we can copy your label almost exactly.

  • How do I build a rack location data file?

    If you are not able to generate a location file from your warehouse management system, we recommend you use a spreadsheet to help build your own. Spreadsheets allow you to use columns to separate the location sub references, and the rows to quickly expand the number of derivates per run. These columns of data can then be combined to create the barcode data and separately to create the readable elements with separators so operatives can read the rack and shelf location names easily.

    Read more on how to build a warehouse location data file.

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Pallet Rack Location Labels Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility.

Magnetic Rack Labels Magnetic Rack Labels

The most reusable warehouse tag available is a magnetic rack label. They can be applied at almost any temperature, removed without mess or scraping, be reapplied without peeling and makes your location numbering system as dynamic as the rest of your operation.

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Label cover-up solutions for rack and shelf labels are the most cost-effective method of handling beam revitalization and system update projects.

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Pallet Rack Beams: information hotspot? Pallet Rack Beams: information hotspot?

In a safety conscious information age, pallet rack beams have become the unwitting placeholder for all types of information rack labels.

Specific areas your warehouse could benefit from warehouse labels… Specific areas your warehouse could benefit from warehouse labels…

A custom warehouse label solution comes in handy in many warehouse settings.It makes operations run smoothly by providing a streamlined framework for stock control, identification and easy tracking.

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Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase standardized products. The same technology, production and quality control methods are used, so you can be assured of their performance and durability.

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