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LPN Labels

Barcode license plate labels (LPN Labels), are a crucial item for the management and accurate handling of pallets in distribution centers. Hundreds of pallets might be processed through a single distribution center every day, so identification is very important.

LPN labels are often the primary identifier in a FMCG facility, or a secondary check item in others. The labels are sequentially numbered and can be used as single tags or dual labels which wrap around a corner making them a single application label, visible from two directions.

ASG Services hold stock of blanks material, pre-print custom orders, ship to site, or hold and ship customer inventory as part of a managed end-to-end service.

LPN Labels

Label Formats


Printed Rolls:

Singles – These are simple rolls of sequentially printed barcode labels, available in most sizes.

Single Twins – We can supply two identical labels which sit next to each other on the roll or one after the other. These are popular with companies handling smaller pallets, crates and/or cartons.

Single Dual – A label which has two sets of content per label. They can be wrapped around the corner of a pallet and are typically ordered sequentially.

Dual Twins – a label with two sets of content and presented with an exact copy next to it on the roll.  Popular in large distribution centers handling  large pallets as only two applications label four sides of the pallet.



Supplied as die cut labels in single, dual and twin layouts. These are less common than roll labels, but are often preferred for easier storage and legacy use.

Sizes are limited to within an 11″ x 17″ sheet, which although small, can provide a large label to incorporate other details about the pallet content, branding, critical dates, and handling instructions.

These can be produced quickly with excellent barcode quality and variable color options. We also provide blank stock material so customers can print their own, using an office printer.


Preprint Pallet Labels


Design Options

Common requests for custom LPN labels:

  • Color,
  • Color variations,
  • Content dynamics, and
  • Material durability.

A flood coated color label will be easily found against a pallet load of boxes, additionally, the color of the label might also denote the quarter in which the pallet was accepted into the building, which customer it is for or something equally as significant to your operation.

We produce custom labels, so all of this is achievable.



We also have access to a huge range of materials, so if you have a particular application need or surface difficulty, please ask us what we have available. If it’s not on the shelf, we’ll find the appropriate product to service your need.

We use cost effective materials which are ideal for industrial grade consumable labels, in addition, we utilize high speed, high definition print technology to minimize production costs, while maintaining barcode verification rates and high clarity visual displays.

There are several product format options depending on your operational needs as follows.


Position, wrap and press!

Pallet Label Adhesive LPN Label Preprinted LPN Labels


Inventory Management

As a supplier to many large organizations, we have developed ways to manage the supply of large volumes of sequential barcode labels, so customers never run out. We can hold stocks of your LPN labels, or arrange scheduled production dates so a shipment is always readily available for your order.

To discuss the options, services and support, please feel free to contact us.  You can also check out more of our rack labels here. We’ll be happy to discuss your LPN label requirements.



Create A Pallet Label Number Range.

Download this LPN data file and send to help improve accuracy.

LPN Label Data File

LPN Labels LPN Labels

439.16 KB

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