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Warehouse Barcode Signs

Bar code signs and labels are a specialty of ASG Services, our production facility in Buford, GA, is equipped to handle custom made identification products for the warehouse and distribution industry, with the room to process 50,000+ units at any point, without impacting on other production processes.

The tailored design service we offer with all products, identifies the commitment we place in serving customer needs. layout formats are developed from specific requirements or can be based on our project archive.

Single sided configurations are the most popular, however some customers are able to use double sided or two-faced hanging formats which can be produced in a range of sizes and formats and our multi-faced zone displays, 3 and 4 faced allowing multi angle and direction visibility.



Custom Designs

Bar Code Signage

ASG Services’ placards can be created with a complete range of content, including high definition print imagery on retro reflective material, alpha, numeric and alphanumeric permutations as well as color coding and images.

Thanks to our specialist software, we are able to produce multi field hanging sign displays from vast amounts of variable data with ease.

Distribution facilities use hanging signage as a fix and forget solution for floor storage identification.

Hanging signage would always be our preferred choice for customers wanting to identify a floor location. Floor labels are effective but susceptible to damage and can become a costly consumable item, were as the hanging option is attached to structure out of reach of forklift trucks or people and therefore last as long as you need them.

Below are examples of the variety we’ve produced in the past, to give you and idea of how our custom approach might help achieve your ideas.  Call: +1 (877) 447-9798 with your configuration questions.

Single Floor Barcode Face Single Angled Barcode Sign
Long Angled Barcode Sign

Double Z Barcode Sign Double V Barcode Sign Double Flat Barcode Sign



We utilize the latest developments in base materials to produce robust and cost effecting location signage.

Product performance is a priority and the key to location signs is the distance and ease of scanning. Following tests of retro reflective materials, ASG Services found the premium material provided greater reflection properties. Cheaper alternatives also lacked durability benefits.

Therefore, we always recommend the best performance product which may position our pricing a little higher than others, but we can verify materials on request for you to ensure a like for like comparison with other providers.

We also have various material options so our products can be used for internal and external use.  Since external signs are under more environmental impacts, the materials are often more durable and long lasting, however their life spans are compatible to those used inside over time.

Our hanging placards are developed with installation practices in mind. We can provide them with holes pre-drilled, hardware if needed and in sequences to suit the location runs.


Hanging Location Markers



Warehouse Sign Installations

ASG Services is the leading provider of fully managed installation services, our teams are employed by ASG Services, fully trained and insured to work on any customer site throughout the US and beyond.

Their work on projects has created the expertise and experience needed to apply attention to detail and accuracy needed for complete and successful installations every time. Their knowledge also extends to the complexities involved in fitting such systems, where cable tension, cross forces and impact potential must be considered, before any hanging sign is installed.

Working with small and large companies for many years enables use to plan every project, but also adapt at speed during the process, much faster and more efficiently than others in the industry.  You can read more about this on our sign installation page.


Signage Installations


How to Present Your Data

Download this barcode sign data file to help you create, edit and present your data in the most efficient way.

Barcode Sign Location Data

Warehouse Hanging Signs Warehouse Hanging Signs

377.23 KB

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Frequently asked questions
  • How far away can I stand and scan them?

    Warehouse barcode signs are location signs equipped with long-range material used to print the barcode on. The material allows the user to stand around 49ft to 65ft away and scan the barcode with ease, if their hardware is equipped with the relevant components.

  • What sizes do you supply?

    All products from ASG Services are custom made. We can supply any size, color and content required. Our online store lists stock sizes, for those looking to purchase basic items.

  • Can I order blanks and labels separately?

    Yes, we supply all component items so customers can finish the signs themselves. It is rare we are asked but we appreciate that customers like to self-customize.

  • Where do your installation services cover?

    Most of our installation projects are US based, but we also travel throughout the world with customers who know and trust in our services. We also partner with similar suppliers around the world, so we can often refer you to a company closer to you if needed.

  • How do I build a rack location data file?

    If you are not able to generate a location file from your warehouse management system, we recommend you use a spreadsheet to help build your own. Spreadsheets allow you to use columns to separate the location sub references, and the rows to quickly expand the number of derivates per run. These columns of data can then be combined to create the barcode data and separately to create the readable elements with separators so operatives can read the rack and shelf location names easily.

    Read more on how to build a warehouse location data file.

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