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Label Holders

Location labeling becomes more versatile with warehouse label holders, shelf edges and rack beam faces remain free from adhesive build, paper-adhesive, residue and handwritten references, created because adhesive labels no longer stick.

Barcode tags fit within the holder profiles and can be slid along the rack beam or shelf face with relative ease. Tickets are held securely and with several designs, they are protected from falling moisture, dust and debris. This is often due to the SKU size changing, product reference labels becoming defunct and/or information updates.


Magnetic Label Holder Adhesive Label Holder Plastic Magnetic Holder


Material, Design & Durability

Buy Label Holders OnlineAn extensive range of or rack label holder designs, material types and backings to help achieve customer needs and use is available. Adhesive options are the most popular and are available in a range of profiles with specific applications, making them unique and high performing.

Typically ticket holders are flat, sitting almost flush within the shelf or rack face, helping to minimize impact damage. We also offer angled, clip-on, flush, magnetic and backing free options. Document wallets are a popular item used in storage and distribution center environments. Larger format displays make them easy to read and can be used to provide product images, pick notices, and to show closed locations.

Permanent adhesive, removable self adhesive, magnetic and hook & loop backings are available giving added flexibility. It is not always advisable to have movable label holders, however if the rack or shelf systems are temporary or frequently reconfigured, they are ideal.

Visit our warehouse label holders store pages for to see the options, the categories are:

Adhesive Label Holders  |  Clip On Holders  |  Hook And Loop  |  Magnetic  |  Document Holders  |  Container Placards


Barcode Rack Labels and Inserts

ASG Services supply barcode compatible products, which is an important aspect for us as a leading warehouse barcode manufacturer. We often provide barcodes and tags in addition to the ticket holders as well as barcode signs helping supply all storage identification product needs.

Pre-printed labels are available to meet your needs, completely customized if required, however when buying with label holders, we are able to match the size and optimum layout to suit as well as recommendations to help speed your decision process.  Visit our barcode labels pages for more information.

Blank ticket inserts are supplied with most of the holder options however, we also provide sheets of perforated sizes so you can print, tear and apply when needed. Visit our online store to see the label insert options.

We offer a range of heights in each design and all are available to specific lengths for custom applications or from stock sizes.


Label Holder Installation Services

As with all products supplied by ASG Services, our fully trained and insured installation teams are experienced and professional installers of all warehouse ID and label holder products.

Ticket holders typically form part of larger projects, however we do provide this additional service for single product type orders.

Read more about our warehouse label installation services.

Label Holder Installers

Label Holders Label Holders

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ASG Installation Services ASG Installation Services

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Pallet Rack Location Labels Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility.

Shelf Edge Labels & Tags Shelf Edge Labels & Tags

As specialist manufacturers of warehouse labels, ASG Services have developed their shelf edge labels to be hardwearing yet small enough to be applied to industrial and retail shelf edges.

Variable Image Labels Variable Image Labels

Our variable content labels are produced from high performance and durable materials for use in manufacturing, storage and distribution centers.

Visit our online store

Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase standardized products. The same technology, production and quality control methods are used, so you can be assured of their performance and durability.

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