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Warehouse Signs

ASG Services is the leading specialist manufacturer and installation expert of identification placards. Our production facility is furnished with the latest sign making equipment, suited to variable data handling and quality control.

Warehouse Signs


Materials and Techniques

We produce all signs from base materials, which helps keep costs down for the customer and improves our stock holding so delivery times are shorter than competitors. Many signs produced at ASG Services are equipped with retro reflective barcode labels for long range scanning, alpha, numeric and/or alphanumeric content, not to mention high definition imagery, barcode signs are very popular throughout the distribution industry.

A variety of materials are used to produce our products including, foam board, COREX board, aluminum composite, steel, occasionally timber and semi-rigid composite structures. Most are overlaid with vinyl, polyester and/or printed direct.


ASG Production


Product Types

Our range of industrial signs is extensive, most are custom made and nearly all are different to the next. Our most popular are hanging barcode signs, aisle signs and dock door signage, these have been used in distribution centers for many years.

A unique offering from ASG Services are rack load signs which are custom made to guidelines and including content supplied by the customer to portray information which is often critical for the safe loading of racking and shelving.



Warehouse Barcode SignsLoading Dock SignsSafety Facility SignsAisle Signs


Project Capabilities

Our project department is renowned for quality and ingenuity. Warehouse barcode signs are often fixed in much the same way across facilities, however on occasion and with time restrictions, they and the installation teams are forced to produce the seemingly impossible.

Our installation teams are renowned for their experience, attention to detail, and meticulous approach to completing their work in the most efficient way they can. These attributes set them aside from the rest.

All personnel are trained in-house and insured to work in every facility, including operational distribution centers and construction sites.

All sign installations are classed as projects and are handled with the same dexterity and commitment to success, from dock door signs to warehouse hanging signs.

Hanging Sign Installation


Prefer to Buy Online?

We understand that time matters and have made our most popular signs available to buy online.

Customers can choose from a range of standard sizes and layouts to help speed the order process.  We’ve removed the need to create customer accounts and for us to check designs with you before production.  You place the order and we take it straight to fulfilment.

Click the button to see the wide range available.

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Aisle Marker Signs Aisle Marker Signs

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Warehouse Hanging Signs Warehouse Hanging Signs

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Warehouse Signs Warehouse Signs

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Bulk Storage Signs

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Our happy clients
Kuehne Nagel
Ace Hardware
Anheuser Busch
DB Schenker
HD Supply
Hobby Lobby
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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I order blanks and labels separately?

    Yes, we supply all component items so customers can finish the signs themselves. It is rare we are asked but we appreciate that customers like to self-customize.

  • How far away can I stand and scan them?

    Warehouse barcode signs are location signs equipped with long-range material used to print the barcode on. The material allows the user to stand around 49ft to 65ft away and scan the barcode with ease, if their hardware is equipped with the relevant components.

  • What sizes do you supply?

    All products from ASG Services are custom made. We can supply any size, color and content required. Our online store lists stock sizes, for those looking to purchase basic items.

  • Where do your installation services cover?

    Most of our installation projects are US based, but we also travel throughout the world with customers who know and trust in our services. We also partner with similar suppliers around the world, so we can often refer you to a company closer to you if needed.

  • How can I attach the signs?

    There are many ways, depending on the use, your facility infrastructure and building design as well as sign material allowance. It would be easier to discuss you exact situation with our team, so please feel free to contact us.

  • What color options are available?

    Almost any color can be supplied in board and character material. Customers looking to match company brand colors or a previous scheme can be accommodated with a huge range of color options to choose from.

    For those looking for more intricate designs or information and diagram signs, colors are unlimited.  We utilize digital print technologies for these which are almost limitless.

  • What is your minimum and maximum order quantity?

    Order quantities are irrelevant at ASG, we treat all orders as a customized requirement. We do have a minimum order value in dollars, but this is nearly always irrelevant.

  • How long will it take for me to get my signs?

    Lead times are variable, owing to quantity, complexity and production volumes at the time of order. We prefer to work swiftly with every order since we never know the scale or quantity of the next, so you can be assured that we will not delay the process once your order is placed. We do typically aim for a 1-2 week turnaround from order confirmation.

  • What information do you need once I place my order?

    This is potentially a long answer, however to make things a little more simple… We ask for a list of location references or sign data to be provided, ideally on an excel spreadsheet. In addition, we would ask for any drawings or design ideas you have, based on the quotation you received.

    If you change your design idea and need a new quote just ask, it’s better to ask before we start production.

    As well as the information to create your signs, we’ll also need payment and/or invoicing details, a delivery address or site address for a warehouse sign installation.

  • Is there a best fit design?

    There is always a best fit design, but a best fit for your facility is key to making your operation efficient, but not necessarily the same for another.

    Warehouse Signs Info
    We are able to recommend ideas from previous designs, from knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as samples for you to test. Most customers have an idea of what they want or need, if we think there can be improvements or something has been overlooked, we’ll let you know and discuss the details.

  • I have an idea of how I want the sign to look, can you create a sample so I can test it?

    Absolutely, we would be happy to do with this with any order.

  • Are your guys trained and insured to work in my building?

    In short, yes. Our teams are trained in-house and with the relevant external training centers to ensure they know how to do their job and how to do it safely. Any employee who we feel is endangering the safety of others is dealt with swiftly.

  • Do you carry out installations in new buildings?

    Yes, in small and large buildings.  We are very experienced in working around other contractors on new builds and carefully plan with the customer and main contractors to achieve a completed installation.

  • Do you carry out sign installations in existing facilities?

    Yes, this is a specialty of ASG Services. Working in and around a fully operational distribution center can be daunting, not to mention it having a significant impact on productivity. Our teams are very experienced in how to work within these facilities and appreciate that the customers work ultimately comes first.

  • How much room do you need when installing?

    Depending on the scale and access requirements we may be able to working without effecting your operation, or we may need to provide detailed work plans which show how much we can do, where and when. The project team will also detail access requirements and safe working areas to be agreed and confirmed with the customer.

  • How high should I hang my new signs?

    There are several things to consider with the height of signs, they are:

    ● Sprinkler interference –
    Signs should always be placed at sufficient distance from sprinkler heads to ensure the diffusion is not altered or prevented by the signs or rails. If hanging the signs above, this is not an issue.

    ● Block stack storage height –
    The signs will need to be higher than the highest stacking point, but you should consider here that if the signs are hanging behind the front edge of the stack, they will need to be higher still, due to the angle of sight.

    ● Scanner distance capabilities –
    Most modern scanners are equipped with long range scanning components, however this should be checked with the manufacture/supplier. If you want to test the distance before ordering, you might consider requesting a sample to perform on site tests.

    ● Sign/barcode size –
    In a simple explanation, the wider a barcode is, the greater the distance it can be scanned at. Having a wider barcode will need a bigger sign, resulting in a more expensive product.

  • You made warehouse signs for my building a few years back, can I get replacements?

    Yes, we operate an archive system so your previous orders including designs, location references and other documentation will be available for retrieval.

  • You did our facility in OH and we have another opening in PA, can we get the same type of signs for that site?

    Yes, we can retrieve information from our archive and apply this to your new location references, effectively replicating your previous warehouse identification system.

Have questions?

Call us on +1 (877) 447-9798 to speak with us about your situation and get the answers to help with your project.

Prefer to email?

Send your email with as much information, images, drawings and any other items as you can to help us respond with the best reply possible.

Buy online

We provide standard versions of our range which you can buy online, visit our online store for more.

Visit our online store

Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase standardized products. The same technology, production and quality control methods are used, so you can be assured of their performance and durability.

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